Dip & Pack


Dip & Pack is the minimum process required by governmental regulations to sterilize animal parts before an export permit can be issued. It is therefore a requirement for all taxidermy work that will be exported. Only selected veterinarian-approved facilities may perform dip & pack services. 

Karoo Taxidermy is a veterinary approved Dip & Pack facility which offers expert trophy preparation services as required.

Due to the nature of this service, Dip & Pack can be very time-consuming in terms of the required administrative processes involved in order for the relevant permits to be issued by the governmental department in addition to the required outputs in the processing of the trophies. This part of the taxidermy process is unfortunately unavoidable and you can expect to be subjected to a fee per animal for the dip & pack service.

You will not be required to Dip & Pack your trophies if you hunted in South Africa and Karoo Taxidermy has been commissioned to do your taxidermy work.

Find out more about the Dip & Pack Processing procedure

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