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January 2018
Dear Karoo Taxidermy
I have received my mounted trophies, so the final piece of my African trip has finished. At least the final physical piece, the memories will last forever.
Nikita van Aswegen from Karoo Taxidermy professionally and graciously handled my many requests and Karoo mounted our trophies perfectly.
I was quoted 6-8 months for the completion of the trophies, everyone told me not to expect anything for at least a year. Today is 8 months to the day and they are mounted on the wall. Thank you for everything and the trophies look great. I will make sure to recommend you to everyone I come in contact with and when I am fortunate again to go the Africa, you will be who I call. I would like to say, in the US we have a saying about having the ability to “put 5 pounds of poop in a 3 pound sack” (of course we use the S word). This is a euphemism for someone’s ability to put a lot in a small space. I would say this saying fits your packing artisans. They did a masterful job of packing everything. When seeing the crate and hearing it held 9 shoulder mounts, everyone’s response was “no way”!
Again thank you for everything.
Paul W. Long


The cradle has arrived safely to Sweden and everything inside was,according to me anyway,in perfect order,just as it has always been.
Thank You for all the help. This year our group will not be in South Africa but for 2014 we aim at going the whole lot of us again. Looking forward to that and in the meantime I keep recommending You to everybody who go hunting in SA. 
Best regards,
Claes Gronhagen, Sweden


I'm attaching several photos of the wonderful trophies you did for us now that they are installed so that you can see what they look like in place. Tyler and I are talking about a return hunt next June/July, so with luck we will see you then. Many thanks for all your help.
Kai Lassen, USA


Received my crate today GREAT JOB. All my trophies are in wonderful shape. Thank you so very much. See you next year.
Charles E Wilson, USA


All of my trophies are on the wall & they look very nice, thank you. Karoo Taxidermy has done well & I would recommend them to others. Kudos to all. Hopefully, my son & I shall be in the Karoo in two years ( at which time I'd be 86 ). If we are able to make that trip, a day will be set aside to go to Graaff-Reinet & visit Karoo Taxidermy.
Don Chumley, USA


I want to thank you for the quality and fine service that my son Erik and I experienced with your company.  The completed trophies from you have all arrived in good shape and all well done. Please feel free to list both of us as references. Take care,
Doug Holum, USA


The trophies came yesterday. They were in good shape and came out excellent. I am very pleased with them.Thanks,
Ken Staples, USA



My springbuck arrived and he is very cute. What a chore getting him out of his box! You folks do package well. Surprised how light he is. What an adorable face. This weekend we will mount him. Most of our friends will freak, but these urbanites need to face reality that beef does not come from a factory (That would be yecchy if it did) and my vegan friends will have to understand that if what is left of the wilds does not have value as hunting lands then it will become malls. Thanks so much,
John Miller, USA


Howdy! Nou, ze zijn binnen h
oor en ik vind ze prachtig! Jullie hebben het echt heel erg mooi gedaan dus mijn welgemeende complimenten! Eveneens mijn complimenten voor de manier waarop de trofeeen verpakt waren; grote klasse! Heel veel dank en hou je haaks!
Peter Boulogne, The Netherlands


Received my animals and have them mounted. They are bigger than I remember.  Every thing looked great and they were mounted beautifully. Thanks for all the help! Hope to see you soon!
Rick Cox, USA



Just got back from LA. What a trip. I left Wednesday AM to pick up the crate and drove back yesterday. 18 plus hrs. of driving! The animals arrived safely and Kevin and I uncrated them last night. Do you want the 500 screws back? All I can say is WOW! Very nice work. I will hang and display the trophies on Saturday. After I have had some time to drool over the trophies, I will send another e-mail. In the mean time, have a pleasant week-end and extend a thank you to the staff for a job well done. Thanks,
Dave and Kevin Stone, USA



Have yesterday recieved my trophies. Its a very fine job. They are looking great. I will surely recommend Karoo Taxidermy to my friends and other hunters who come to SA for hunting and want their trophies mounted. Have a nice day.
Erling Simonsen, Denmark



We got our trophies yesterday, thank you very much, it is very nice work, for sure we will use Karoo Taxidermy next time we visit South Africa, we will recommend Karoo for other hunters as well, I put a picture in this mail so you can se mine on my wall. Once again, thank you very much for the beatyfull work. Best regards.
PER L. JENSEN, Denmark



Dear Friends,
Diane and I want to thank each of you for preparing our trophy animals from South Africa and getting them safely to our home in Montana.  They are beyond our dreams and expectations.  What fabulous animals!  They are already on display in our home. Thank you again for your expert, professional service.  We notice and appreciate it.
Shannon Taylor, USA



We received our crate of 8 animals and hides from you one week ago.  We can't believe all 8 animals were in that one crate.  Just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are on the professionalism of your work and correspondence with us throughout this whole process.  It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip and getting the animals up in our home makes us re-live the experience every time we look at them. Please relay our happiness with the taxidermy work and the attention to detail on all the animals. Once again, we were very pleased with the work. Sincerely,
Gary and Jean VandenBoom, USA



Just received my trophies. Bravo, Fantastic, Very Realistic, Excellent Workmanship, each one is a work of art. I love them. I can't even say the one I like the best. The Blue Wildebeest is spectacular. The Wart Hog is so life like you can hear him grunting. The Red Hartebeest, I can go on and on, just a wonderful job. I am a guest writer for Safari Club International so I usually not at a loss for words, but you guys just blew me away. Quality, Quality, Quality, your just the best. Thank You. My next safari is in May of 09, I hope to come by your shop to thank all of you personally. But till then please except my gratitude for a job well done. Thank You.
Patrick Behm, USA



I just opened the crate containing my trophies.  Your work is incredible!  Thank you very much for providing such wonderful and artistic services and creating such valuable memories.  I can't wait to return to South Africa next September and send you more work.  Our plans include more time touring Port Elizabeth and hopefully we can make arrangements to visit your facility and meet the staff.
Best regards and have a great holiday season!
Doug Howard, USA


I want just to tell you that my trophies arrived and that it is again good work. Greetings,
Gunther Riessberger, Austria



Thank you for the great job done on my trophies. I highly recommend you to my friends in the USA.
Winston Lee Domingue, USA



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