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Caracal kill Bushbuck DioramaCaracal kill Bushbuck Diorama
Caracal Full MountCaracal Full Mount
Caracal Full MountCaracal Full Mount
Caracal catching Blue Duiker DioramaCaracal catching Blue Duiker Diorama
Caracal Fight DioramaCaracal Fight Diorama
Caracal catching Guinea Fowl DioramaCaracal catching Guinea Fowl Diorama
Caracal Shoulder MountCaracal Shoulder Mount

cARACAL trophy mounts

The caracal, being a nocturnal creature is always a challenge to hunt. However, these cats are notorious for infuriating landowers and farmers as they contribute to large numbers of losses in young/small antelopes, lifestock and domestic animals. 

They are found in large numbers in the Eastern Cape, Mpumulanga, Limpopo and the Freestate. 

The Karoo Taxidermy studio has extensive experience in mounting both large and small cat species, which is one of our taxidermy specialities. A full grown caracal tom is a great addition to any hunter's trophy collection and the best way to display your caracal, is in the form of a full mount.

A Cities II permit is required for export of caracal.



RW Minimum RW Record RW Measurement Method SCI Minimum SCI Record SCI Measurement Method
71/2" 113/4" 17 6" 126/16" 15

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